Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Me vs. Wal-Mart

Days I have not shopped at


16 and counting

Shopping Trips I have made elsewhere, thus avoiding Wal-Mart completely:


People who have been brave enough

to take up my cause along with me & found happiness in other stores:


Threats I have received for trying to smear Wal-Mart's name:

1 (from my husband, who mentioned that men in black suits might start watching us outside our house or even become so angered by my cause that they could even come & take me away & force me to shop at a Wal-Mart – hahahaha)


Lin said...

i agree with what you say about walmart but it's so convenient. someday china will own us. Lin

Chandi said...

Maria, I caved. The other day I had to go to Walmart to let my kids pick out birthday presents. I just didn't have the time to run clear across town to go somewhere else. Sorry man! Stay strong!

mom/caryn said...

Among the "IF only's" in my life is this one...

"If only" there was another store to shop in Sanpete County. Alas! There is not. Sad... but, true.

I abhore WalMart. The parking alone drives me crazy!!! I have taken up doing most of my groceries and other home essentials... (ie: laundry soap, razor blades, light bulbs, toilet paper, etc) at the local market. I'm buying my perennial flowers and other garden items from a local nursery this year. I never bought their clothing or shoes... I think they're basically disposable items. They last almost long enough to get them out of the bag.

If I want a new potato peeler, baking dish, or bathroom towels... I wait until I make the trip to Utah County where they have real stores, with talking (and visable)employees, and with merchandise that I can use more than four times without having to bury it in a landfill somewhere.

I'm on your side totally on this one, babe. BUT... know that there are times when we have discovered that there are a few items that simply can't be found in our isolated valley unless we walk the shabby aisles of the outdated, understocked, WalMart in Ephraim.

Sorry. But, you stick with it! Keep the faith and hold that banner high. If you should disappear and your car be found in a field miles off the busy highway... we'll all report our suspicions to the authorities.

Cassey said...

You keep up the good work! You're changing the world!

mom/caryn said...