Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New What?!

Welcome to what we like to call 'Mom had strep-3 kids on Christmas vacation-2 babies running amuck-Dad's doing his best-Dad's getting sick too-quick trip to Granny & Gramps-drop & run make the most of our last day of Daddy's leave-now it's Mom's job to make it all better'.  

Hope you had a wonderful holiday too.

Monday, November 24, 2008

5 Things Tag....

I have been tagged... and beware, I'm in an odd mood today. You never know what you're going to get with me.

5 things I'm passionate about.

1. People. I want as many people as possible to feel loved and know their worth.
2. My husband. He is my rock.  He is my greatest love.
3. Myself. I feel I deserve good things and I deserve to be happy.
4. Being a mother. I don't want to be perfect, but I just want my kids to remember happy times and lots of them.
5. Crafting. I love to craft. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. It gives me great joy.

5 phrases I use all the time.

1. Last time I checked I was the mother. 
2. I recall asking you to do something.
3. Who made this mess????
4. When is my turn to get a hug from Daddy?
5. Get the babies out of the bathroom!!!!!

5 things I want before I die.

1. A modest home with a nice backyard. 
2. All my scrapbooking caught up.
3. To see my children find love and be happy.
4. A family reunion.
5. A medication free life.

5 things I want or need

1. A clean house with no clutter.
2. A daughter that does not fret about her hair and clothes
3. A personal assistant
4. A personal chef 
5. Constant medication

5 places I want to visit

1. Rome
2. Greece
3. Jerusalem
4. Spain
5. China

5 Favorite Restaurants

1. Olive Garden
2. Steak n Shake
3. Macaroni Grill 
4. J Boy's
5. Panera Bread

5 favorite television shows.

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Supernatural 
3. So You Think You Can Dance
4. The Office
5. Unwrapped

5 people I tag

1. Sybil
2. Tara
3. Amy
4. Annmarie
5. Johna

Monday, November 17, 2008

Black Friday Ads

Not that I will be out, but there are some good deals.  You can even make your own shopping list on their website and it will separate it by store. Pretty handy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still here....

I really miss blogging.  I still do some of it, if it's not too involved or if it doesn't require too much thought.  But, I do miss my own musings about life & love & just living!  But, my days lately have consisted of staying in my pjs all day, playing with the babies when I need some sunshine in my day, coloring in kids' coloring books because it's very calming for me, eating way too many Nutty Bars, watching way too much TV (unheard of in my personal life), watching movies (which I normally NEVER do without Mark & NEVER during the middle of the day), eating cold cereal for just about every meal, sleeping as much as possible huddled way underneath my covers, and taking baby steps, just small baby steps to get anything done.  

So, just to blog, here are some more specifics, just because.  My pjs consist of comfy pants, an old T-shirt & a big comfy sweatshirt for the late nights or early mornings I just can't sleep. I have 3 pairs of extremely fluffy socks on stand by to keep my feet warm.  

I love to color in Disney coloring books, although I did give in & color with Noah in his Star Wars book. That was interesting. I think I used just about every color of brown imaginable just to get some contrast going on the page.  Oh & Strawberry Shortcake.  She's fun to color too.  I didn't realize how much I horde crayons!  When they were on sale for $0.22 a box at school supply time, I bought a TON & we have just have boxes & boxes. With so many kids using them, you can't go wrong having too many. 

Nutty Bars are my new favorite snack.  I have consumed far too many this past month & really need to get my meds adjusted so I don't gain 50 pounds by the end of the year.

During my TV watching, I have seen more paternity tests on Maury than I care to admit, I love the new show on Fox called Fringe.  I am still totally likin' Desperate Housewives, Pushing Daisies, The Office, Lost, Samantha Who, Ugly Betty, CSI & Supernatural!!  I watched two of my favorite movies, Where the Heart Is & Legends of the Fall, which I never tire of watching.  

My favorite cold cereals, beware, this could be a really long list.... Cocoa Puffs, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Krispies, Ohs, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Honeycomb, Corn Pops, Honey Smacks, Quisp (when & if I can find it!! - it's very vintage), Rice Chex & I could go on & on & on. 

Today my baby steps will consist of getting out of bed, getting dressed (taking a shower if I can muster it), getting the babies dressed, putting a diaper bag together, putting myself together, getting in the car, going to the doctor's office & praying all the way there that he will have some answers & some help for this poor pathetic gal I call myself.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mental Illness is very real.

This is a post I have thought about writing & thought about not writing & now think I need to, to continue in a forward direction.  

I have struggled with depression, panic attacks, manic episodes & anxiety for over 8 years.  It started shortly after having Mavaney, which of course looked very much like post partum stress & having had kids one right after another it seems for several years, it still looked like post partum stress.  I had bounced around from pill to pill, from doctor to doctor trying to find relief.  I was doing what I could at home as well, taking time for myself, reaching out for help, sharing my feelings, but nothing seemed to lessen.  I was up & down, up & down all the time & so completely frustrated with the lack of control over my own emotional & mental well being.  There were times I even thought I was doing really good & would quit taking the medication to try it on my own, which worked for a while right before I got pregnant with the twins.

This past summer, I started to feel very depressed again & we once again told ourselves, it's just post partum stress, so I went back to the doctor & asked to be put on meds again for the sake of my family & myself.  We waited for the meds to kick in & start helping me out, but things only got worse.  I realized this the night I had a dream.  I usually have very vivid dreams, but this time it was different.  It was Heavenly Father & he simply said to me, "Tell your husband what you have been planning."  That day I was wracked with fear, guilty, all sorts of emotions trying to figure out how I was going to approach my husband & tell him what had been going on with me.  

Mark was set to do some teaching in Georgia for a month & I thought it the perfect time to plan my suicide.  I was so tired of being up & down with my emotions. I was so tired of putting my husband & my kids through the roller coaster ride of my happy times & my down times.  I had sought relief in so many ways with no real success and this seemed the only way to ease the pain.  

How do you tell your husband you were planning to leave him & your children?  I have never been so scared in my life, but I knew I had to do it.  Not only because it would stop me from doing it, but it would let him know that things were going very wrong, very quickly.  

Mark has actually been trained in suicide prevention while being in the Army & he was able to step up & really get the ball rolling on getting me some help.  We went to the doctor right away & got referred to a psychiatrist & psychologist off post.  I got an appt. that very week.  I went twice a week for a great while until the doctor felt I was making great progress and I could cut down to once a week.  But, during this time I have learned tremendous things about my life, about myself & about what I can accomplish & have control over & what I can't.  

I also found out I am bipolar, which answered a lot of questions about the things I have been fighting for many years.  It all made sense now, which was sad, but enlightening as well.  

It hasn't been anywhere near easy walking down this path.  It has been one of the most grueling times in my life. I have made progress, but I still have so very far to go.  The progress I have made has been so eye opening. I have realized there is a real Maria behind all of this madness. I am determined, I am strong.  I am opinionated & bossy. I am creative & compassionate.  I am loving & sensitive.  I can be in control.  

I still have bad episodes from time to time as my body adjusts to the new medication, but I feel confident my doctors care about me & about my eventual triumph over my fears facing my personal demons.  And not only do I credit my doctors for helping me, I must give tremendous thanks to my amazing husband.  He has had to see me change in so many ways. He has suffered with me through the days & nights of crying & panic attacks. He has been there with me through the times I just wanted to hide & run away.  He helped me see I would only be hurting everyone around me to cut my life short.  Seeing his role in my wellbeing has only confirmed my belief & Heavenly Father's promise that there was only one man on this Earth meant for me & that he had been prepared for me.  

Even my kids have been incredibly helpful, supportive & loving. They have been there to help me & witness the scary times even when Mark was not around to help.  They have found me passed out on the floor from a panic attack & known exactly what to do to get me help.  They have been there for me when I was curled up in a ball in the corner crying uncontrollably.  They have been there when I didn't want to get out of bed.  

Mavaney has always been so mature for her age and I felt I needed to share with her some of the deeper things going on so that she would know how much I loved her even when it didn't seem that I did.  It was remarkable the bond I felt with her & she cried with me & said, "Mommy, I wish you had told me before.  I feel so bad for you & I could have helped you more if I had known."  I get teary eyed just remembering that very special moment.

I want to share my testimony with you of many things.  I believe deeply that Heavenly Father is watching over us always. I believe He has such great love for us, we simply cannot comprehend the magnitude of His love. I believe I am a Daughter of God & I have a purpose here on this Earth.  I believe in the power of prayer & what it can do to heal wounds & gain strength when you think you have none left.  I believe in the incredible power of friendships.  My friends have been such a rock for me during this time. They have watched my kids so I could go to the doctor, they have cooked meals for my family, they have shared words of comfort & their own personal struggles to show me I too can overcome.  Thank you to all of you special women in my life. 

I hope to jump back into sharing my life with you, whether it be good or bad.  And I hope you will want to continue on the journey with me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hope life has been good to you.

Facebook.  Probably all of us or at least most of us are familiar with the internet wonder modeled after MySpace (but way better!!) that helps us to reconnect with old high school pals, friends, church members, or helps us to stay in touch with those we're still close to.  

I received a friend request today from someone & I didn't recognize the name & the profile photo was not a straight on shot to at least help me try to remember a face, so before I accepted the friend request, I wrote a quick message pretty much saying, 'Who the heck are you & do I know you?'.  

The guy was nice enough to write back & shot off some other names of people he ran around with & he mentioned I was a cheerleader & was his life long crush (just kidding on that part), but that he was pretty sure he knew who I was. So, come to find out, yeah, he knew me, but I still couldn't quite remember him, so I gave him a link to our family blog just because I love to show off my family & I ended the reply message with "and I hope life has been good to you," to which he reiterated the same thing to me when he replied & then it hit me.  

Why do we say that?  Shouldn't it be more like, "I hope you've been good to your life," instead of "I hope life has been good to you,"?  Because what does "life" have to do with it?  Isn't it what we do with our life or how we react to what happens to us in our life?  

So, take a moment & think about it, "Have you been good to your life?"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The God Particle

Mark & I have been following this news story closely.  It's downright amazing & scary.  I can't quite explain it myself because I barely understand it, but here is an excerpt from an excellent article in National Geographic, "Starting sometime in the coming months, two beams of particles will race in opposite directions around the tunnel, which forms an underground ring 17 miles in circumference. The particles will be guided by more than a thousand cylindrical, supercooled magnets, linked like sausages. At four locations the beams will converge, sending the particles crashing into each other at nearly the speed of light. If all goes right, matter will be transformed by the violent collisions into wads of energy, which will in turn condense back into various intriguing types of particles, some of them never seen before. That's the essence of experimental particle physics: You smash stuff together and see what other stuff comes out."

Scientists are trying to explain how the universe began. How we all became what we are, how the universe went from nothing into so many vast & complicated things.  

I have to sit back & wonder, what questions will this answer? Will it make us feel any differently about how the universe got its start?  Will our curiosity get the best of us in this situation?  What do you think?  The article is lengthy, but I highly recommend reading it.  It was pure fascination for me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Michael's 50% Coupon - this week only!!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's it for tonight!

Okay, that's it for tonight. I have been sitting at this computer FAR TOO LONG!  I need to go cuddle with my hubby before we both crash land into dreamytime.  I hope you like some of my ideas!  I will probably pick 6-8 ideas to have the women sign up for. I even found a GREAT signup sheet over at which is a great website to peruse when you have the time!

I have some more great ideas I found tonight just for your own personal craft files. I'll try to share those later this week.

Idea #17 - Flower Magnets

Do you have any fun magnets on your fridge?  These would be just the thing to stick up all those great pictures from my kids!!  And so easy to make!  
Find them here!

Idea #17 - Scrabble Tile Pendant

This is one of my FAVORITE ideas & I'm sure I could get quite carried away with it! The instructions are here. I figured I could buy old scrabble tiles on Ebay or maybe even find some in old Scrabble games at thrift stores, the rest is easy to come by!  What fun!!  

Idea #16 - Formula Can Makeover

I use a can of formula a day & they are not recyclable, which just KILLS me, so I knew I could figure out something to do with them.  At Super Saturday I will bring the cans & tell people to bring paper, stickers, ribbon, whatever & they can decorate the cans for any holiday or occassion. I figured I could even plan to put out a few mixes, like soup or hot cocoa or cookies & you could scoop the mixture into the can & give it as a gift! 

Idea #15 - Card Organizer

This idea actually came from my mom, because she made one at a card class in Michigan, so I was so in love with it, a few months ago, I scooped up all the little containers Wal-Mart had & stored them in my craft room just in case I needed to make some of these for gifts or what not.  There are dividers inside so you can separate your cards.  I was using it just for homemade cards, but my friend Sybil, who has more common sense than I do, used it for her purchased stationary as well - brilliant I tell ya!  The containers are less than $3.00 at Wal-Mart, the ribbon you can grab for $.88 a roll at Big Lots or $1.00 a roll at Michael's & I'm sure on sale at lots of other places, like Hobby Lobby.  The dividers you make out of cardstock & jazz them up with your own paper & the front I just used some leftover letter stickers to spell out cards.  

Idea #14 - Antique Hearts Family Home Evening Board

There are about a million different ways to make a Family Home Evening Board, but I really like this one just for it's antique look & I know for a fact this project can be done VERY CHEAP!  I found it here. I would put a picture of the family members on each heart rather than just their names & I could probably use rub ons for the words above each knob.  

Idea #13 - Red Plate Tradition with matching placemat purse

I love this idea, but I don't think I would use the Christmas theme with it. I would still use a red plate, but a more common placemat with red in it so that I could use it for birthdays or any day where someone in our family needed to be honored.  Instructions on making both can be found here.

Idea #12 - Brass Plates Game

Sorry no picture, but go here & you can download the PDF file of this game. It is very well put together & if you printed it out in color, you could then laminate it so it would last & it would be a great family game to pull out on a Sunday night or for Family Home Evening. This website is incredible & worth a look when you have the time. 

Idea #11 - Embossed Velvet Table Runner

The only problem I foresee with this project is the price of velvet. I would scour Wal-Mart's clearance fabrics & maybe even Ebay. I thought this might appeal to the more seasoned set of women in our ward, those who would not care so much for the baby, cutesy stuff.  The embossing really does look so beautiful on this type of project & it only takes a stamp & an iron & the fabric of course.  Found it at mormonchic here.

Idea #10 - Fun with wooden block & letters

I just love wooden blocks & all the things you can do with them.  I especially love Halloween themed projects.  I spotted this one here.
I can't remember where I found this idea, but I sure do LOVE it!  

Idea #9 - Decorated Wipes Case

Totally love the skulls!! I have seen this idea used with the large wipe cases too. So easy, so simple, so stinkin' adorable!  I found this idea many, many places as well, sorry I don't have any specific links.  

Idea #8 - Decorated Burp Cloths

What fun!  If they're going to spit up on something, might as well make it look pretty! It will disguise the grossness of anything that lands on it, right?? I would give credit for this pic if I could remember where I got it from, but I can't, so sorry!! Dear way cute burp cloth maker, If you happen to see this post, please let me know this is your picture!  

Idea #7 - Onesies with Ties

Just too darn cute!!!  Found them here.

Idea #6 - Tag Blanket for Baby

I have blankets similar to this for my munchkins, but I know they would probably like these better.  Daphne in particular LOVES to chew on tags & the possibilities, once again, with this project, the fabric, the ribbon - just endless!  
Got the idea here.

UPDATE ON President Hinckley's B's!!!

I got a comment from the gal at Adhering Thoughts & they offer the vinyl lettering for the tile project for $8.75 for the 12x12 size!  HOLY COW! That's tremendous!  Gotta give a shout out to them for letting me know & a shout out because it's her project that's pictured! Thanks for the idea & the great price! THANK YOU!  

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5 More Ideas Tomorrow, Maybe even 10!!!

I'll post more ideas tomorrow!  Gotta get back to cleaning so I have more time for crafting!!!!!

Idea #5 - Notebook/Pen/Crayon Roll Ups

I am addicted to notebooks & pens & this would be a great & absolutely fun & frivolous way to store my notebooks for different projects or ideas.  I found the tutorial here.  I love projects that give you such freedom in choosing color, fabric, ribbon. The possibilites are endless!  

Along this same line is the crayon roll up here. This would be awesome for the car or church!

Idea #4 - Looky Loo, I Spy Bottle, whatever you want to call it!

Once I mentioned I wanted to do something along these lines, I got tons of responses & different ways to do it. I don't have a photo of the actual way I want to do it, although I do have an actual example my friend, Amy, let me borrow.  This bottle idea is by far the fastes & cheapest.  Here are the instructions on this version. 

The actual version I would like to present is like a fabric envelope that you can open & the top is covered in vinyl which holds your "list" of things to look for & the bottom part is where you put the pellets or rice & all the little goodies to go searching for.  I figured you could even use cut up old jeans or flannel shirts to use for the backing which would be sturdy & virtually cost free! I'll post a pic later.

Idea #3 - President Hinckley's Be's

This was a highly requested craft. The only thing I don't like is the lettering (to purchase online) is not as cheap as I would like it to be. This website offers the cheapest price I have been able to find so far. I think the instructions are pretty self explanatory.

Idea #2 - Glittery Snow Candles

I need a way to simplify the instructions to suit a Super Saturday craft, but here are the instructions I do have. 

IDEA #1 - GLASS TEMPLE BLOCK with or without LIGHTS!

1. Temple Glass Shower Block
I hear you can get these shower blocks pretty inexpensively at your local hardware store, but I saw another version just yesterday where you buy a glass drill bit, make a hole in the back & add lights....oooooohhhh preeeetttttyyyyyy.  I am going to try to print my own vinyls to add. Buying them is somewhat costly & I like to offer the most inexpesive, but FABULOUS crafts I can!  Here is the lighted version that I stumbled upon here
and here.


I was recently called as Second Counselor in the Relief Society which makes me the Enrichment Counselor & since we don't have an Enrichment Leader & a very sparse Enrichment Committee, I was asked if I wanted to have a Super Saturday this year which was already scheduled for October 11th!  

If you have ever had the pleasure of attending a Super Saturday you know that it is very difficult to survive the holiday gift giving season without one, so YES I WILL HEAD IT UP! YES WE WILL BE HAVING ONE! AND YES, I WILL BE GLUED TO MY COMPUTER SEARCHING BLOG AFTER BLOG FOR SUPER SATURDAY IDEAS!  

So, I am going to post my ideas & finds here for that other poor soul that might be organizing a Super Saturday of her own. And if you feel so inclined to give me your opinion or improvements or ideas on anything I post, PLEASE DO! I LOVE INPUT!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Money!

I'm always up for free money & I wanted to share with you what I've been doing to get it! I just got my free $25.00 GameStop gift card in the mail yesterday. All I had to do was complete a few simple surveys & over time I had earned enough rewards to choose how I wanted to spend those rewards, so I got the gift card to a store all of us enjoy. I use There are more recommendations for taking surveys for money at It's so easy, why not give it a try??

The Original Scrapbox - UPDATE!!!!

Word on the street is, will be giving one of these away!! GO CHECK IT OUT! IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

If you know me really well, you know I DO NOT pay retail if I don't have to & I will search & search & search until I find what I'm looking for on sale, on clearance, used or with a coupon code.

This site is great & a constant source of great deals for me & my family. is the largest source of online coupon codes and is a really easy way to save whenever you buy anything online.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm pretty sure...

I will die without one of these in my lifetime....OH MY GOSH! How in the world do you raise $1300.00 + shipping costs to buy something exclusively for yourself?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is truly the coolest thing I have ever seen & in our lifestyle of moving about so much & having many little hands to get into things, this thing is PERFECT!!!!! Maybe I should sell ALL my craft stuff & start a fund to buy one of these & then work on refilling it, hahahahahahaha. That would take me years I'm sure! Oh well...a craftin' girl can dream.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Vanilla Joy at is having a giveaway - A CRICUT!!! Oh these little machines look like so much fun! Go check it out & leave a comment to gain an entry to win!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I didn't clean...

I decided if I was going to have a lazy day I might as well make it a full 24 hours, so it's nearly midnight & I just got done watching a really great movie & I watched it all by myself - no interruptions, no yelling, no asking questions, no wiggly kids climbing all over me. It was great, just the kind of movie I like with a little bit of magic & fantasy & a great cast. The story was very well written I thought & I loved the costume design, the set design, the angles shot, it was all just exactly what I like in a movie of this type. And to make it even sweeter, it's rated PG!!!! I will definitely let my kids watch this movie & I will definitely be adding it to my collection. I thoroughly enjoyed it & highly recommend it. Now I'm off to see what I can get done before I crash into bed, which I do believe has been invaded by one little red headed boy!!

Do you have these kind of days?

Mark is at work. It's Sunday & he has staff duty. This means he went to work at 7:00 this morning & will get home about 9:00 tomorrow morning. Sometimes I take advantage & work on personal projects or do deep house cleaning or just hang out & play with the kids all day, doing absolutely nothing. Today has been one of those days. A day where we just play & eat & sleep & do whatever we please like the Lost Boys in Neverland, not a care in the world, only days to live however we wish. But, the result of a day like this is what you see below & it only takes one day, one single day of carefree living. We skipped church because of Daphne's croup & the girls woke up with sore throats & coughing, my boys are the only ones that have shown no signs of sickness, so we have just been lazy all day long.

What will it take for me to recover from a day like this....well, I won't be able to sleep until I clean it, so it will take at least 2 hours to do it right, which isn't that bad. I'll eat that cheesecake sitting there on the computer desk calling my name & then burn off the sugar rush with housecleaning after I put the munchkins to bed with lots of hugs & kisses & smiles from a Neverland kind of day together. When is Wendy going to come & play mother & rescue us from this mess?????

That's toys on the piano & underneath it, Mavaney's stuff from the car that she just dumped on the floor on her way in. (At least she took it out of the car like her dad asked her to.) Diet Coke that just never made it's way into the kitchen & the bookshelf, it makes me want to cringe when it looks like that.

Noah had corn puffs for breakfast & Mavaney baked a cake, so there are some remnants of that left on the table. We haven't had a sit down meal all day long.

I have a love/hate relationship with this island in our kitchen. It's great cupboard & counter space, but when you don't keep it cleared off, it only adds to the monster of the mess.

My ironing pile which I usually try to work on on Saturdays or Sunday mornings. No such luck this weekend.

Grant knocked over the basket of toys, Mavaney got her backpack out & didn't hang it back up. I have littered the computer desk with all sorts of things off & on today playing seek & find games with the kids online or creating my newest blog.

The dishes should have been done a long time ago, like 6:00 this morning when I was awake. I believe the dishwasher is full of clean dishes & that's one chore I absolutely HATE to do, is unload the dishwasher. I usually leave it for the kids.

That's a dirty diaper on the floor. Mark doesn't understand how I can change it & then not take it right then & throw it away. I just get too busy sometimes I guess. In the chair is a package from a scrapbook store online that has yet to be opened after almost 2 weeks after it arrived on my doorstep. I have been saving it for a special moment, guess that moment just hasn't come along yet.

That trash bag in my room is from Isabelle's room (about 3 weeks ago) when she refused to clean it up, I went down there & put everything in a trash bag. We have lived this 3 weeks without a single thing in that bag, I couldn't even tell you what's in the bag, so this must mean we never needed any of it in the first place, right?? And how can you pick something out of your drawer & not take the 1 second it requires to close that drawer? It falls in the same category as disposing of dirty diapers I guess.

When the bedroom looks like this, Mark says it looks like my dresser threw up. Guess it kind of does. Grant knocked over the vacuum & since Mark had to work this morning & wouldn't be home until tomorrow, I rebelled & didn't make the bed. It's been hot at night too, so obviously it looks like neither of us used very many covers last night.

ANOTHER BLOG?!?!?!?!?!

I have far too much unused space in my brain or I have a serious addiction to creating blogs, but I have done it yet again. Check it out at Let me know what you think!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Top Ten Faves Tag from Creative Homemaker Blog

1. Fave Shoes- American Eagle flip flops - broken in & just right
2. Fave Room in my House- My Craft Room although I am hardly down there these days, boo hoo...
3. Fave Soda- Fresca, Pepsi One
4. Fave Treat- Cheesecake with cherry topping or a good juicy burger from a fast food joint
5. Fave Pastime- scrapbooking, e-mailing friends, card making, baking, playing with my kids, camping
6. Fave Household Chore- dusting, straightening up
7. Fave Car- I don't have one. Just need something that fits us all & drives well!
8. Fave TV Show- Lost, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Medium, Samantha Who, The Office
9. Fave Store- Thrift Stores!! Target, T.J. Maxx, Costco, Gap, American Eagle (online mostly - great clearance)
10. Fave Time of Day- When the kids are all asleep & I get to choose something to do just for me.

Go check out her blog at
Dark Angels: A Novel Dark Angels: A Novel by Karleen Koen

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
I love books set in the 1600's or anytime where royal court is high & mighty & filled with stories of love, betrayal & all that other juicy stuff. This book was a bit hard to read quickly. The wording just didn't seem to flow very much. I would not consider Ms. Koen one of the better historical fiction writers, but I did finish the book. I wonder if I would enjoy her Through A Glass Darkly which follows the lead character, Alice Verney into later life?

View all my reviews.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Decoupage Day

I have never decoupaged before. I know, it sounds crazy, knowing how crafty I am & how I love to try new crafty things, but this is one thing I just have never ventured to do, but today I can check it off my "Done That" list. A little prologue of sorts....nothing in our house is new, okay, I take that back, the TV is, but the furniture is not new. We are so lucky to have been where we were in Germany & to have been able to acquire such great furniture, all used & amazingly affordable, so just imagining a brand new piece of furniture in our house seems silly to me, because it wouldn't fit along with everything else. jazz up an old desk, one we have had since we got married, I long ago attempted to paint it, as you can see in the before picture.

And then the kids added permanent marker decorations & the handles didn't really fit so they kept falling off, so the desk has looked like this for years. Today I decided that HAD to change. I had bought the napkins & modge podge over a year ago, so it was about time I knocked this project off my list!!
TAH DAH! Okay, so my husband was right, the cream paint border would show through, but you know what, I still think it looks better than it did. It's done & it only took me all afternoon, but I did play around with some digital scrapbooking while I was waiting on the modge podge to dry & I played with babies here & there too. Now I just need to clean up the top part of the desk & vacuum & I can call it a pretty darn good day!

And while I'm sharing projects, I'll throw this out there too. Another long procrastinated project marked off the list. I purchased this silk print from my favorite antique shop in Butzbach, Germany called Kattja's. I paid 2 euro for it. I have had it sitting around, folded up, since I bought it almost 2 years ago. Just this past month I finally got it framed. The dilemma was that it didn't fit in a standard frame size & it was much too costly to have it professionally framed, so on one of my clear days I got the idea to purchase some vintage lace on Ebay & add it to the sides of the piece. I got the suede matte at the frame shop on post & I used a coupon on the frame at Michael's. I really do like the way it turned out.