Tuesday, September 9, 2008

IDEA #1 - GLASS TEMPLE BLOCK with or without LIGHTS!

1. Temple Glass Shower Block
I hear you can get these shower blocks pretty inexpensively at your local hardware store, but I saw another version just yesterday where you buy a glass drill bit, make a hole in the back & add lights....oooooohhhh preeeetttttyyyyyy.  I am going to try to print my own vinyls to add. Buying them is somewhat costly & I like to offer the most inexpesive, but FABULOUS crafts I can!  Here is the lighted version that I stumbled upon here
and here.


Hornes said...

Love your cute craft ideas! I'm getting excited for the holidays!

The Osborne Family said...

Oh I hope we get to do the light box one that looks so awesome! I can't wait!