Thursday, July 24, 2008

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 8 years of being a parent, you would think I've got this down. After a lifetime of organizing & loving every moment of it, you would think I would not be here, in this situation, AGAIN. After threatening, bribing, coercing, begging & pleading, you would think we would ALL be better at this. So, I am downright BEGGING for your help. This is what our playroom is reduced to about once a month. 3 rambunctious kids & a mom who is just too plain busy to watch their every move and we are once again standing in front of this nightmare come alive.

You can tell I have more than enough shelves, drawers, compartments & ways to organize & keep everything separated. Ways that are simple for children to understand, ways that make it easier to get a favorite toy & then PUT THAT TOY BACK WHERE IT BELONGS.

My real issues is this....... My children simply have too much stuff. The last time I went through their toys for our yard sale, I really thought I had condensed, that I had gotten rid of all the nonsense, but apparently I have not. I know I need to cut down. I know that if they didn't have SO MANY choices, then there wouldn't be such a mess of this size.

The help I need..... what do 3 kids need as far as toys go? What is the bare minimum I can let them keep? I am willing to throw it ALL away & go back to letting them entertain themselves with books, crayons, outdoor activities & homemade toys like pots, pans, boxes & bubble wrap. But, it's hard to throw away all the things you know you bought them for birthdays & Christmas, because it's so hard to admit to yourself that you bougth them too much or that they really didn't want that toy & only played for it with a few days before they tossed it aside never to look at it again.

So, I am welcoming any & all opinions & ideas about what to do. Please no comments on how terrible it is or how did I ever let it get this bad. I have beat myself up enough, thank you, but I am so ready for any & all ideas on how to CUT BACK. I know how to organize it, I just need to know what to get rid of.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

I led you astray!

AAACCCKKK!! I hate knowing I tried to promote a product I don't really care for, instead of posting the correct pic of the product I do love, so I must make a correction!!!!

The Electrasol tablets I love to use in my dishwasher are GEL TABLETS, not powder! The secret is in the gel I believe! So, here is a pic of the ones I meant to recommend!


I absolutely ADORE these bookplates!! They are free & they are so, so fun! I can think of plenty of my friends that would get a kick out of these too! Put them in your fav craft books, romance books, vampire books, cookbooks!!

My FAVORITE cleaning product.

I happened upon this cleaning product while shopping at Costco. They had a coupon for it, it looked promising, so we bought it. I had no idea how well it would work & how much I would love it! I have used it on just about every surface in my house & was literally SHOCKED at what a great cleaner it is! And it's good for the environment?!??! EVEN BETTER!!

My Recommendations on some great girlie products!

This stuff ROCKS! I don't like to get burned just to get a tan & I certainly don't agree with using tanning booths, but this lotion will give you a nice summer glow without the chances of skin cancer! And it doesn't overdo it like so many of those self tanning lotions.

I am a lip gloss junkie! But, I am VERY PICKY about the kind I use & when I found this from Avon, I was THRILLED! It gives a touch of color, but has shine too & it stays on really well! I splurged & got two colors to satsify any mood I'm in!

This was one of those products where I said, "Now why didn't someone think of this sooner?" A big brush for your top lashes, a small brush for the bottom. PERFECT! And this stuff works GREAT, no smudging, no clumping, just great length, great fullness & overall a PERFECT product!
If you do shop Avon or you never have, give it a try with my friend, Jean. Link below!!

This Brand vs. That Brand

DO NOT USE THIS! I was trapped by the ECO nature of this product only to find out it is HORRIBLE at actually getting your dishes clean! And this was even in a BRAND NEW dishwasher.

I will stick to my FAV brand that works EVERYTIME & gives me sparkling dishes, very clean with no residue.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My husband tag!

My husband tag!

What is his name? Mark Ryan Keel

How long have you been married?
10 Crazy, Amazing Years!!!

How long did you date?
For a few months when we were in high school & a few dates here & there until we graduated high school & lost touch until we got back together late 1997.

How old is he?
32 (which he hates & he so doesn't even look it!!!!!)

Who eats more sweets?

Who said I love you first?
He did, on the swing in his parents' yard.

Who is taller?
He is.

Who can sing better?
I think he can sing great, but he just doesn't like to. I think I sing pretty well.

Who is smarter?
He is way smarter than me.

Who does the laundry?
I do, but he is helpful when it gets to be too much, especially when it comes to his work clothes not being clean. Sorry hunny!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Facing which way? Am I looking at the bed from the end, if so, he sleeps on the right. When he leaves for work, I like to sneak over to his side & snuggle in his pillow. It smells like him.

Who mows the lawn? Mark
mostly, but I help when the kids are calm enough for me to go out there. Sometimes yard work is like a date for us, hahah.

Who cooks dinner?
I do. But lately it hasn't been often. I think Mark can cook better than me, but he just doesn't have much time to do it.

Who drives? I do. There is a guy that checks id's as you go on post to Fort Knox & he will always tease me about chauffeuring him around, like I'm spoiling him.

Who is more stubborn?
Me by a mile!

Who kissed who first?
He kissed me. And I recall him saying it wasn't a very good kiss & he was glad I got better. Maybe I was just nervous, hahaha.

Who asked who out first? Mark broke up with his girlfriend at the time to ask me to his prom. WOO HOO!

Who proposed?
Of course Mark!!

Who has more siblings?
I do. He has one sister, I have two brothers & one sister.

Who wears the pants? It's
an equal partnership, but we each have roles where we have to wear the pants more often.

Ok now I tag
Sybil, Tara, Chandi & Christy & ANYONE ELSE who wants to do it!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Penny: A Novel The Penny: A Novel by Joyce Meyer

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
I did not know this was termed "Christian fiction", I just liked what the inside cover had to say about the story. I finished it yesterday & LOVED IT! It was an excellent story, though very heartbreaking at times, but with a wonderful "happy ending" for all involved in the story. It was about the power of God even when it seems like he's not there for us & how we may have to fight longer than we want to, but we will overcome. It also touched on forgiveness & it's healing power & about friendship in times of segregation between two sweet girls from very different families. It was an excellent, very touching story. Highly recommend & it's not that long so it's a great summer "beach" read.

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