Friday, August 20, 2010

School Sack Lunch Menu

I searched & searched for a set menu for school sack lunches, but found nothing. BUT! I did find some great ideas that I used to combine our own menu & I figured I would share it with you!

Bow Tie Pasta w/ Veggies
Tuna Sandwiches (in the shape of a fish)
Mini Cracker Pizzas
Pretzel Kabobs
Chicken w/Ranch Dressing
Beanie Weenies
Hawaiian Roll Sandwich
Mini Bagels w/Cream Cheese
Chicken Nuggets w/Honey Mustard
PB&Honey Sandwich
Club Sandwich
Mini Football Subs

vanilla pudding
mandarin oranges
deviled eggs
banana bread
chips & salsa
popcorn w/cheese seasoning
graham crackers
Chex Mix

If you want any of the recipes, just let me know. I invested in a 3 compartment Ziploc container for each child, as well as really small bowls for dipping sauces and one insulated container. This will cut back on ziploc bag use. We also bought a lunch bag for $3.00 at Wal-Mart that fits everything just fine.

We make our own pudding & Jello-O because the cost is cheaper, no matter how you look at it. My kids are finally EXCITED about packing their lunches & of course I add a little note from Mom in the morning. I think I have some printable lunch notes & riddles that I have somewhere....I'll link to them if I can find them.