Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kids' Clothing Inventory

With 5 munchkins to clothe it's essential I have an inventory to keep track of what they have & what they need for each season. Here is an inventory I came up with last night & I am really excited about getting it all filled out! Just wanted to share in case you're in need of one too. Click here to download & just make sure to go to Print Preview & select to Fit it to one page. You can change the kids' names of course & corresponding sizes to fit your needs. And of course if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, please share!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Full Out Cleaning Schedule

I have tried to perfect this for years & finally I think I got it! If you are interested in seeing my full cleaning schedule for my home, click here. I have one copy laminated & I just cross off what I do each day for two weeks & then wipe it off to use again the following week. It is color coded for how many times a week I do that particular chore. It is a two week system & then it also includes a small section for cleaning I would like to accomplish once a month.

If I skip a day & get behind, I don't backtrack. I just follow the schedule for the current day & know I will get back to what I missed when the next week comes around. This way I am not stressing about what I have & have not done because I know it will always come back around.

Happy Cleaning!

Bad Behavior=Consequences Chart

It's a Keel Family Revolution today! While Mark was here on R&R we came together as a family to discuss the most problematic behavior & the consequences for those bad behaviors; agreed upon by everyone! So, I have made a chart & will be hanging it up today. I pray it helps us bring more peace into our everyday family life.

We all agreed that the most problematic behaviors in our family were: HITTING, ARGUING, CALLING OTHER PEOPLE NAMES, BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO MOM & DAD, & NOT PICKING UP AFTER YOURSELF. The chart available for download details the consequences we chose for each behavior.

If you are interested in seeing the chart, you can get it here. There is also lined, numbered paper for one of the consequences that you can get here.