Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Recommendations on some great girlie products!

This stuff ROCKS! I don't like to get burned just to get a tan & I certainly don't agree with using tanning booths, but this lotion will give you a nice summer glow without the chances of skin cancer! And it doesn't overdo it like so many of those self tanning lotions.

I am a lip gloss junkie! But, I am VERY PICKY about the kind I use & when I found this from Avon, I was THRILLED! It gives a touch of color, but has shine too & it stays on really well! I splurged & got two colors to satsify any mood I'm in!

This was one of those products where I said, "Now why didn't someone think of this sooner?" A big brush for your top lashes, a small brush for the bottom. PERFECT! And this stuff works GREAT, no smudging, no clumping, just great length, great fullness & overall a PERFECT product!
If you do shop Avon or you never have, give it a try with my friend, Jean. Link below!!


mom/caryn said...

I'm desperate to find a good mascara. Brushes make a huge difference to me. I feel all clumsy when a wand has a loooong handle. This looks like it may be worth a try. I'll lhave to see if I can dig up an Avon lady in Sanpete County.

Sybil said...

I hate buying macara. They are always made to make your lashes fuller, or wider or etc. My lashes are fine, I just need color since my lashes are blond. Why don't they have just plain ole macara?