Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Penny: A Novel The Penny: A Novel by Joyce Meyer

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I did not know this was termed "Christian fiction", I just liked what the inside cover had to say about the story. I finished it yesterday & LOVED IT! It was an excellent story, though very heartbreaking at times, but with a wonderful "happy ending" for all involved in the story. It was about the power of God even when it seems like he's not there for us & how we may have to fight longer than we want to, but we will overcome. It also touched on forgiveness & it's healing power & about friendship in times of segregation between two sweet girls from very different families. It was an excellent, very touching story. Highly recommend & it's not that long so it's a great summer "beach" read.

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mom/caryn said...

I like this Book Review thing that you're doing! I'm always looking for a good read. This sounds like I definitely need to check it out of the library or hit Amazon or and see if I can find it... priced right, of course.

The Osborne Family said...

I am always looking for good fun books that don't take a year to read! I got the canon rebel and am loving it except I noticed a burned out pixel on the lcd, so i had to send it back :( but now I have time to finish my website...