Friday, July 11, 2008

My husband tag!

My husband tag!

What is his name? Mark Ryan Keel

How long have you been married?
10 Crazy, Amazing Years!!!

How long did you date?
For a few months when we were in high school & a few dates here & there until we graduated high school & lost touch until we got back together late 1997.

How old is he?
32 (which he hates & he so doesn't even look it!!!!!)

Who eats more sweets?

Who said I love you first?
He did, on the swing in his parents' yard.

Who is taller?
He is.

Who can sing better?
I think he can sing great, but he just doesn't like to. I think I sing pretty well.

Who is smarter?
He is way smarter than me.

Who does the laundry?
I do, but he is helpful when it gets to be too much, especially when it comes to his work clothes not being clean. Sorry hunny!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Facing which way? Am I looking at the bed from the end, if so, he sleeps on the right. When he leaves for work, I like to sneak over to his side & snuggle in his pillow. It smells like him.

Who mows the lawn? Mark
mostly, but I help when the kids are calm enough for me to go out there. Sometimes yard work is like a date for us, hahah.

Who cooks dinner?
I do. But lately it hasn't been often. I think Mark can cook better than me, but he just doesn't have much time to do it.

Who drives? I do. There is a guy that checks id's as you go on post to Fort Knox & he will always tease me about chauffeuring him around, like I'm spoiling him.

Who is more stubborn?
Me by a mile!

Who kissed who first?
He kissed me. And I recall him saying it wasn't a very good kiss & he was glad I got better. Maybe I was just nervous, hahaha.

Who asked who out first? Mark broke up with his girlfriend at the time to ask me to his prom. WOO HOO!

Who proposed?
Of course Mark!!

Who has more siblings?
I do. He has one sister, I have two brothers & one sister.

Who wears the pants? It's
an equal partnership, but we each have roles where we have to wear the pants more often.

Ok now I tag
Sybil, Tara, Chandi & Christy & ANYONE ELSE who wants to do it!


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mom/caryn said...

Rekindled fires have a heat that comes from far beneath the visable flames. It's smoldering, hot, and long lasting.

Sounds like your rekindled relationship. Cute love story!

I don't know that I could totally trust a man who liked sweets more than a woman. It just doesn't seem right, somehow.

Yeah! I'd say you sing pretty well!! What the heck?! You have a yummy, clear, powerful voice. I've heard very few people sing The Star Spangled Banner... accapella, no less... that carried it off as beautifully as you did.

I also like to stretch our on Waynes side of the bed and snuggle into his pillow when he's gone. It's comforting!

Wayne likes to remind me that he never asked me to marry him. I like to remind him that I never said I would. Neither is true. He did propose, and I was ever so happy to jump at the opportunity... but, he asked me way after the dress had been bought, the date set, invitations sent out, flowers ordered... and my dad's wallet emptied. I'm still not sure how it all came about. I'm just happy as heck tht it did.

I would much rather wear the pants on occasion than see Wayne wearing the dress. Heck, I don't even like Scottish kilts worn over big, muscled, hairy, legs and size 12 shoes. He gets to be the head of the family... I prefer being the heart. It's just important for us to be two seperate entities that have one purpose. What is it that Kahlil Gilbran says about marriage? Something about having spaces in your the strings of a lute being alone, yet quivering with the same music. And standing together, but not too near together. Like the pillars of the temple standing apart, giving strength to the structure it holds aloft. Something like that.

Fun to read about you two!!!