Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Decoupage Day

I have never decoupaged before. I know, it sounds crazy, knowing how crafty I am & how I love to try new crafty things, but this is one thing I just have never ventured to do, but today I can check it off my "Done That" list. A little prologue of sorts....nothing in our house is new, okay, I take that back, the TV is, but the furniture is not new. We are so lucky to have been where we were in Germany & to have been able to acquire such great furniture, all used & amazingly affordable, so just imagining a brand new piece of furniture in our house seems silly to me, because it wouldn't fit along with everything else. jazz up an old desk, one we have had since we got married, I long ago attempted to paint it, as you can see in the before picture.

And then the kids added permanent marker decorations & the handles didn't really fit so they kept falling off, so the desk has looked like this for years. Today I decided that HAD to change. I had bought the napkins & modge podge over a year ago, so it was about time I knocked this project off my list!!
TAH DAH! Okay, so my husband was right, the cream paint border would show through, but you know what, I still think it looks better than it did. It's done & it only took me all afternoon, but I did play around with some digital scrapbooking while I was waiting on the modge podge to dry & I played with babies here & there too. Now I just need to clean up the top part of the desk & vacuum & I can call it a pretty darn good day!

And while I'm sharing projects, I'll throw this out there too. Another long procrastinated project marked off the list. I purchased this silk print from my favorite antique shop in Butzbach, Germany called Kattja's. I paid 2 euro for it. I have had it sitting around, folded up, since I bought it almost 2 years ago. Just this past month I finally got it framed. The dilemma was that it didn't fit in a standard frame size & it was much too costly to have it professionally framed, so on one of my clear days I got the idea to purchase some vintage lace on Ebay & add it to the sides of the piece. I got the suede matte at the frame shop on post & I used a coupon on the frame at Michael's. I really do like the way it turned out.


Sybil said...

Very good job. I remember when you painted that desk and added the handles! It looks so cute now! Great job~ And I've told you before that I love the picture you framed too!

shipley family said...

I can't get over how gorgeous that is. Can you come over and decoupage my house. It's kind of bland.

Amy Beth said...

Great job, I think the desk looks great! And good job on the picture too, the frame looks good with it!

Chandi said...

I actually have a dresser sitting in my hallway that I have wanted to do something fun like that with. I think your desk looks sheek! It's fun to have projects to work on too.

The Hallman Tribe said...

Beautiful job. I love the colors you picked out, and it really made a difference!