Monday, August 4, 2008

She didn't have to, but it's the fact that she did.

The background: The woman who wrote this is someone I only know because we go to the same church or we used to be in the same ward & she was part of Music Makers which we frequented last year for quite a few months each Thursday. She has 3 super cute kids & she was always so helpful & happy & full of ideas. But outside of this, I really don't know her very well. She has since moved to another ward, but one that meets in the same church building as ours & this past Sunday I had to be at church early for a meeting, so the other ward was still in session when I got to the church. Today I received this e-mail....

On Sunday I saw a lady walk past me talking to my dad and down the hall towards the Primary Room. I thought to myself, who is that? Must be new to Radcliff Ward, because I didn't recognize her from the E-town ward. Then she stopped by the clerks office and I could see her face - and it was YOU!!! (: Nice looking hair cut - you look great!!!
Just wanted to let you know.
Good luck with the first day of School!

Now, she didn't have to say anything at all. I haven't talked to her or seen her in months! I never went out of my way to be her friend or talk to her in great detail about much of anything & I have never said more than just "Hi, How are you?" to her in passing, so why am I sharing this? Because I am continually shown the genuine kindness & sincerity of heart in the people I share my spiritual beliefs with. They are truly an amazing group of people. She didn't have to write this to me. She could have thought it & never put those thoughts into words. So, how did she know that something like this would change my whole day? My whole week? How did she know that this was something I needed to hear? That it was so incredibly important to me as a person, as a woman to know that people care enough to share a nice thought with me? It wasn't the only special note I've gotten recently. There was a phone call, a shared hug with a new friend in passing at church, another e-mail from someone who shares in my personal struggles giving me support & encouragement, all in the matter of 24 hours. How, with all of this, just for me, could I not believe in a higher power? How is it possible to think it is simply all conicidence? It's not possible. It's divine intuition. It's the Spirit. It is the unity of women. Oh how blessed I am.

I'm sure this woman will not read my blog, but I feel the need to say thank you to her because she truly has no idea what good she has done for me at this time. It brought me to tears & though that may seem silly, the small things really can touch you so deeply when your spirit is so fragile. Thank you for taking the time to life my spirit.


mom/caryn said...

Thank YOU, Maria, for taking the time to share this sweet experience with the rest of us. It's a tremendous reminder of how important it is to be forever and always mindful of others.

I am also impressed with your depth of character. To pay homageto someone who passed a simple kindness on to you is instructive, uplifting and inspiring. To allow yourself to feel so deeply the love that was behind her caring shows wisdom beyond your tender years.

Your post speaks well for both of you.

Keep on truckin, little one. You have your feet firmly planted on the right path and in the right direction. I'm proud of you!

Do remember, that although people who share our beliefs may find it easier, we are not the only members of God's family to be kind toward one another. But, you are right on target when you acknowledge His hand in all of the gestures that have brought you comfort in the last little while.

Sybil said...

What a sweet and kind lady. I know it came at a point when you needed it most. Divine intervention is an amazing thing!

AmyBeth said...

How sweet of her! Your right sometimes its just nice to know that other people care. Im glad that you have such thoughtful people in your ward!