Friday, August 22, 2008

Top Ten Faves Tag from Creative Homemaker Blog

1. Fave Shoes- American Eagle flip flops - broken in & just right
2. Fave Room in my House- My Craft Room although I am hardly down there these days, boo hoo...
3. Fave Soda- Fresca, Pepsi One
4. Fave Treat- Cheesecake with cherry topping or a good juicy burger from a fast food joint
5. Fave Pastime- scrapbooking, e-mailing friends, card making, baking, playing with my kids, camping
6. Fave Household Chore- dusting, straightening up
7. Fave Car- I don't have one. Just need something that fits us all & drives well!
8. Fave TV Show- Lost, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Medium, Samantha Who, The Office
9. Fave Store- Thrift Stores!! Target, T.J. Maxx, Costco, Gap, American Eagle (online mostly - great clearance)
10. Fave Time of Day- When the kids are all asleep & I get to choose something to do just for me.

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Chandi said...

Desperate Housewives huh? I can't wait for the Office to start back up again. I hadn't ever watched it until a few months ago we got a Netflix free trial. I sat in front of my computer every night for a week watching seasons 1-4. I loved it! So funny!

Never really shop American Eagle, but my favorite pair of flip flops is pretty much the only thing I ever want to wear.

Angela said...

Maria- I love your blog! Thanks for being tagged and revieling your top ten!! I'm bookmarking your blog. You seem like a fun person!! :)

diana rose said...

sorry, it's taken me so long to get back to you, it's been one of those weeks. i'd love to share the instructions on the burpcloths and onesies with ties. would you mind emailing me at lowercasediana [at] hotmail [dot] com and i'll reply with the info?

mom/caryn said...

This was a fun read!! It's so full of... well, of Maria!

Don't you think twice about people who don't get the "fave" Desperate Housewives. (like old friends and roomies) I watched it a few times and found it to be delightfully quirky! I also thought Samantha Who was hilarious the two times I saw it.

Jean Tagliere said...

Hello stranger, we really need to write eachother sometime!! lol!