Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Finds

Not only was I thrilled about the spring flowers I came upon yesterday, but also the spring finds I came upon today! I was out shopping for Mark's birthday which is this coming Sunday & I couldn't help but scoop up some of these delicious good deals for myself!

Found it at: American Eagle - they have GREAT clearance, especially online & when I spotted this white dress in just my size - OH MY! So feminine & light & airy. Can't wait for the perfect summer day to wear it with a slim pair of flats or flops. I'll have to add a colorful tee underneath or a white tank for modesty of course - but what fun! And a steal at $19.95.

Found it at: American Eagle - This has been my year to be conscious of what I do to help or harm the environment & I love tote bags - so this was a definite purchase for me! $14.95.

Found it at: The Gap (now an outlet store in our mall) - Every little boy looks so smashing in a sweater vest & loafers & now my little boy will have his very own set! The vest $5.40, the shoes $3.00.

Found it at:
Michael's in the Easter clearance - this bright yellow basket is going to look perfect in the baby's room to hold their sweet smelling lotions & powders. Yummy! And only $5.20 on clearance!


mom/caryn said...

Oh man!! Isn't coveting a big no, no? I'm pretty sure it is. That white dress just simply isn't good for my eternal exhaltation. I want it! I want it! So CUTE!! And, I have to tell ya... bargain hunting is one of my all time favorite past times. Finding a good deal is such an adrenaline rush... You do a great job of finding some great deals. Makes getting something you want even sweeter, doesn't it?

Chandi said...

LOVE the dress! It is just the style I like. You'll have to post a picture of you wearing it.

Hornes said...

LOVE LOVE the dress!!!! Too cute...can't wait to see you rockin' it!