Monday, April 28, 2008

Ending on a good note.

All my favorite shows are back on & since they are all offered for free online, I watch them whenever I can fit it in, mostly in the wee hours of the morning when I can't sleep & along with some really great cookies & a tall glass of milk & even a couple of good quotes to end my day, I'd say I'm off to a good start for tomorrow......or today........whatever it is right now.

Be the one who sees with Cheerful Eyes!
~Strawberry Shortcake

Fantasy is nice, but we live in reality & it can't be perfect, but it can be pretty good.
~Gio from Gio's Deli


Lin said...

maybe this fills your well? check out my blog. lin

mom/caryn said...

Hey... I just might re-read the quote from Gio's Deli next time I can't sleep. I really... no, I mean REALLY like that!

I may have to try to get more into watching television programming on the net. I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. I do, however, have the yummy cookie and milk thing down pretty good.