Friday, April 11, 2008

What?!?! No Reply?? (weak bloggers, beware)

I am an astonishingly busy person. I think a lot of us are. It doesn't matter if we have 1 kid, 10 kids or no kids at all just a full time job & a full time home to take care of, we are all busy in our own right. BUT! When I take the time out of my amazingly busy day to write you an e-mail, be it 10 words or 1,000 words, can you not take a moment out of your incredibly busy day to write back? To at least answer the questions I asked? Do you really feel okay with just leaving me hanging? Leaving me wondering what your response was to my questions? Did you just read the e-mail & casually hit that delete button never to think about it again? Did you not even care that I took the time to write you & ask questions that I sincerely wanted answers to? It doesn't even have to be the same day you got the e-mail, but AT LEAST within a week would be nice, it would be downright polite of you. When you call someone & you leave a message, don't you expect a call back? I know you do, so why don't you treat e-mailers with the same courtesy? The least you could do was write back one sentence, explaining how you are simply too busy to reply to my e-mail, but you'll keep it in your Inbox until you do have time to respond. Becuase you know what, I would really appreciate it. I took the time to communicate, please have the heart to respond.

**Description of a weak blogger: a person who chooses to read another person's blog & is easily upset by personal thoughts and/or opinions, often taking them personally & choosing to possibly write that certain blogger off their friend list or pass along how appalling that blog was to even be written. Blogs are merely a sounding board for gals like me who have a lot to put out there but no one that really wants to listen. Read at your own risk.


Cassey said...

Oh man, I hope that was to me!

mom/caryn said...

It's amazing, isnt it, the diversity among people? There are those who would read this post and think... "Well, she's high maintenance!" Others would think, "Oh man! She's upset with me cuz I didn't answer her e-mail. I'm so embarrased"
Then there are those, like me, who think, "I love the way this girl writes and thinks and has enough strength of character to say what she believes!"

I've felt the exact same things and have been too timid to say anything about it. I've let my feelings be hurt, or I've been annoyed, several times when I've sent a letter to someone and asked about their lives and they've just ignored me, sort of pretended like I didn't say anything. Or let me know (or feel like) whatever I may have said, just didn't matter to them. I asked questions because I was interested, I cared. So... let me just say this:
A: Thanks for giving expression to some of my own thoughts.
B: You can e-mail me anytime and I'll answer every question and probaby ask a zillion of my own.
You'll find me, and my responses to what you write at:


AmyBeth said...

Right on Maria! I have felt this way before and it stinks I too do not understand how people can be so rude, and I try my hardest to make sure that I always respond to people within a couple of days, now I am not perfect, but I do try and that is what counts. You are so good about saying exactly what you are thinking and feeling, and I admire you for that, I am too chicken most of the time!

Chandi said...

Isn't this the way we all stay connected? In order to keep friendships going? I'm glad you're so good at it.