Saturday, April 12, 2008

Do they make a bike for 6??

Gas prices. Need I say more?? I was reading an article yesterday trying to understand the complexities of the gas pricing world & it's impossible. Becuase I simply cannot understand how one gas station on the road can charge $3.19, but I go 10 miles down the road & a different gas station, could even be the same type of gas station & it's charging $3.45!! How can this be?!?!? And just the fact that gas prices have risen on average, $0.53 in the past year is unfathomable to me!!! And I realized while laying in bed this morning why gas prices continue to rise. BEACUSE WE ALL KEEP BUYING IT!!!!!!!!!! Those who can afford hybrid cars or cars with higher gas mileage, just switch cars & continue to drive them just as much as they drove their gas hogs. And those who can't afford new cars, get rid of other things before they cut back on their gas. If we continue to pay the monster corporations prices, of course they're going to continue raising them because they know we'll pay & if they can put the price high enough that we'll cut back, maybe then it will make a difference.

We can't afford a new car & we can't really cut back on other things since we already do that in every capacity we can, so I have cut down my driving to two days a week, storytime on Tuesdays & Music Makers on Thursdays & if I have errands to run I do them in the same part of town where I am at or I switch my errands to be run nearer to where I'll already be. I'm sure I could do more, but these two activities Isabelle LIVES FOR, so until she's in school, I indulge her. Otherwise, we'd drive once a week if I could help it. Mark drives his car to work but takes his bike & if he has to go somewhere on post, he will ride his bike instead of driving his car around. But, believe me, if they made a bike for 1 mom & 5 kids, I would be ALL OVER THAT! Imagine the exercise I would get from biking where I need to go!!

What have you done to make a change in your driving habits?


mom/caryn said...

UHHH. Okay, now I'm embarrassed. I haven't done much.. but then, I'm a realtor. I drive all over our valley showing houses and properties to people who pretend that they want to buy something.

I have started e-mailing information sheets of various properties to clients and suggesting that they drive around and take a look at the different cities and find an area that they like, and/or see if they like the outside of a home and where it's located. THEN, If they're really interested I'll drive the distance required to show them whatever they've found that like.

The amount of money I spent on gas last year is pretty dang scary.

When I'm not working, Wayne and I take the four wheeler out for a ride up the canyon rather than the car, jeep, or truck.

I'd really rather save my gas money to go see my cute kids and their cute kids.

Chandi said...

That bike is AWESOME!!!! Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome to ride?

Sarah said...

Hey Maria! This is Sarah, john's little sis! Just saw your blog on Chandi's! There is a link to our blog on hers too! You should check it out! How the heck are ya?!

Anonymous said...

KC thinks that the speed limits should be changed nation-wide to 55 mpg. That way, people would get better gas mileage and wouldn't need to fill up as much. It would definitely drive down the prices and the speculators would lose their shirts!

So that's what we're doing - driving no faster than 55 on the freeways.