Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today I almost....

Today I almost yelled at my kids that I was too tired to care.

Today I almost yelled at myself for being so lazy.

Today I almost posted on my blog that twins were too difficult to take care of by myself.

Today I almost wanted to just hide in my room and cry for a while.

Today I almost didn't watch this video..........

Today I was reminded what a blessing my two babies are.

Today I kissed all my children and told them how lucky I was to be their mother.

Today I thanked my Heavenly Father for making my life so easy and so wonderful.

1 comment:

mom/caryn said...

And I would hope that,
Today you not only realized how blessed you are.... but what a blessing you are!

Beautiful thoughts, beautifully stated!

It is a very, very touching video.