Saturday, March 1, 2008

We may not be rich, but we can still play fancy

I am a fan of Martha Stewart. I love her crisp ideas & clean look. I love the simplicity of her organization & decor. So, sometimes I try, I try to emulate her look, her ideas, to make myself feel a little more refined, a little more fancy. So, tonight I set the table for breakfast in the morning. I put together a baked French toast dish which I will cook in the morning & the table will already be set for a very fancy meal, even if we are still in our pajamas & slippers, hahaha.


Chandi said...

I am impressed that you all sit down and eat breakfast. I wish I could say that we did.

mom/caryn said...

Martha Stewart is for people who never knew Diana Dunkley... Diana's a good friend in my old neighborhood who could teach Martha a thing or seventeen. She's not quite as rich,but she's a whole lot better lookin.

But... whoever gave you the idea of "puttin on the Ritz" deserves kudos. And you deserve them for following through. It's just fun to do the placemat and matching glassware bit now and then... Good for you!

I like the idea of a fancy meal in pj's and slippers. I find it takes less time to set a nice table than it takes to get myself pulled together. That's what happens when you get old. Your make-up bag gets very, very big and it takes half the morning to look decent.