Monday, March 3, 2008

Thrift Fever

I have a sickness & it's called 'I can't pay retail'. I just can't. I am addicted to shopping thrift stores, consignment shops & clearance racks. My mom & I went to Target the other day & the only thing I did was walk through the back of the aisles to check out the clearance. It's almost the only reason I go in the store & the mall, oh gosh, I don't even see the first part of the store. I head straight to the back where I can see Clearance boldly displayed & start sifting through the goods. And if there's a good sale, we're talking 75% off or Buy One, Get One Half Off or Buy One, Get One Free, I am one of the first to be there. It pays off & I think it's really rather fun trying to find the best deal that I can & I simply love all the treasures I find at discounted prices. Proof of this came to me this past Sunday when I received several compliments on my outfit & when I started to analyze it, I realized every single bit of it was off a clearance rack or from a thrift shop, so I just had to share. Mark made me pose like a dork because he said he gave it more attitude. I'm surprised I wasn't cracking up in the photo. He's such a goof.

Okay, so the rundown of my outfit...

The shirt: A target find for $1.74. I didn't have a single thing that would go with it until I found

The dress: It is dry clean only unfortunately, BUT I knew this shirt would go great with it & it was part of the Hospice Thrift Shop $5.00 a bag sale, so with the entire bag of stuff I got, I can't even tell you how much this dress was, but way less than even $1.00.

The shoes: Goodwill for $3.00, the suede flower on them is really, really cute.

The belt: Payless Shoes for $3.00. This belt is my new best friend. It actually helps to show that I still do have a waist, even after 5 kids.

The necklace: Goodwill for $0.50.


Hornes said...

You have got to be kidding me...I LOVED your outfit on Sunday...can't believe what a good deal you got on all the components of are amazing girl!

Chandi said...

Great job putting it all together.

Chandi said...

Funny, I use to be the exact same way. In fact, many of my favorite pieces of clothing have come from second hand stores. I still walk straight to the clearance racks at any store to check their first, but I have to admit that lately I have been drawn to certain stores and I love them so much it is hard to even want to go anywhere else. I have found that I wear only the things that I really really like so I try to buy fewer, nicer things