Monday, March 3, 2008

Self Reflection

Just like the new year, springtime brings about a new reason to self reflect. It brings to mind the things I want to accomplish once the weather gets warmer. It brings to mind the happiness I feel at being outside & being with my family. It brings to mind the fun mom I want to be so that when my kids want to throw the Frisbee, jump on the trampoline or play freeze tag, I am there for them to do that. Springtime is like new birth for a lot of things.I heard birds chirping outside my window this morning, that means baby birds will be along soon as well. I killed mosquitoes last night while outside. Not something I want to have stick around, but just part of the process of warmer weather unfortunately. I saw blooms around our yard for flowers that will soon bring big smiles with their colors & beauty. I felt the wind, but a warmer wind, not that bitter wind that accompanies cold winter days. And today, there are already predictions of more snow on the way. The weather is just so crazy these days, how confusing for things such as momma birds readying themselves for babies or blooms that feel the warmth & want to rise to it only to find it will soon be cold again & they can't retreat. I'm sure there's a lot of really good analogies in all of this, but right now, my brain just hurts too much to make this post philosophical, hahaha. But, you get what I mean, right??


GRodenberg said...

love that feeling! the other day it was 75 degrees! yay! Now it's back to freezing, but it gave me hope!

Chandi said...

Yes, Mother nature certainly does love to play tricks on us. It just isn't right.