Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Place of My Own

When your life becomes consumed with the care of those younger & needier than you, you start to search for a place where you can just be you & not be required to follow certain steps or remember certain rules. A place where you can share who you used to be & who you are becoming. This is such a place for me. So, in addition to our family blog & the babies' blog, I will now muse on my own blog where I can feel free to be me at anytime of day in any kind of mood.


Chandi said...

I like what you said here. Sometimes I don't think there is any part of "me" left. Atleast the old me I was familiar with.

Hornes said...

I love that you have this blog! Thanks for sharing!

mom/caryn said...

Wisdom beyond your years. Glad Chandi told me about your new "blog" I think this is sure to become a real favorite.