Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am not a Robot, nor do I want to be one.


Drag myself out of bed while at the same time figuring out which baby to take care of first, this is based on who is crying the loudest or whoever smiles at me first, hahaha.


Stand out in the frigid cold in my pajamas, coat & big pink soft slipper boots & wait for the bus to come at 6:45, which it never does, it comes more like 6:57, so we've been standing out there in the cold all that time.


Try to get the babies to go back to sleep only for it not to work or only to work for one baby, so I put on my workout clothes & take the other baby with me downstairs


Start my workout & try to push myself through the entire thing, thinking the whole time, my hubby would be so proud of me!!


Drag myself into the shower to wash the stink off & think about how great it is that after 8 years of child rearing I am finally back to taking a shower once a day. Oh how good it feels.


Put on actual clothes & not anything that resembles pajamas, then take the time to fix my hair & put on makeup. This is such an essential part of my day whether or not I plan on going anywhere. I must feel good about myself & it helps me to get more motivated to get things done too.


Computer time. It's like therapy. I can't start my day without this either.


Check with Isabelle to make sure she has gotten everything she needs to start her morning, which she has because she no longer needs my help she informs me because she is now 5 years old. Well, eeeexxxcccuuusseeeee me.


Start on my daily chore list which I love having. Because you know as a woman you so often start in one room & then find something that belongs in another room & you start cleaning in that room & then go to another room & then forget where you were at or where you're going next. That's why I love my daily cleaning list.

Oh yeah & during this time I'm switching back & forth between taking care of babies & doing housework, because come on, get real, they're twins, they're babies & they know NOTHING about how important keeping to a schedule is.


Take a break, probably some more computer time or fun time with the babies who probably have not gone back to sleep by now & just want me to sit around all day & smile & coo at them. I need an animated Mommy doll to do this job for me.


Have lunch or something resembling a lunch.


Back to work or personal time, whatever I feel at the moment because sometimes you want to work & sometimes you want to play.


Do something structured with Isabelle who by now has probably spent her morning watching TV. She's a couch potato, which I hate to admit but the girl loves her cartoons. So, I have to do the right thing as her mother & care about her well being, so we do some preschool.


We've barely survived the hour of preschool together because she is such an unusual child when it comes to learning, but when I look back on it I can only laugh.


Mentally prepare myself for my oldest two to get home from school. It's like opening the pen to a herd of bulls at a rodeo when they come home.


Free time for Mom in some respect, like I mentioned before sometimes this means just taking care of babies or just loving on them because that's become a new hobby.


Remind kids about homework. Help Isabelle with a workbook. Mark thinks she's going to be so behind in school because she didn't get formal preschool, so we're cramming in all we can or at least all I can handle, hahaha.


Start dinner or at least prep it & prepare myself for a meal worthy of the trash can but not really for eating. I just don't have cooking skills & this is something I have come to terms with, but my poor husband might start crying pretty soon if I don't figure out how to make some improvements. It wasn't always this way & I have no idea what happened.


Help kids start their chores. This cracks me up because they do a really good job sticking to their chore charts, but when you look at the job they do on things, it's really pointless because when they're at school the next day I have to go in & clean over it or redo it, but I would never let them see this. Whether or not they can clean as good as the job requires, they need to think they are contributing to the family & what it takes to run a house this size, so they will continue to do chores even if it is a waste of cleaning wipes or I have to redo it when they're not looking. It's all a process in learning the skills of life, right??


Dinner. I love dinnertime. Sometimes it can be difficult I will admit. Sometimes my kids act like monkeys on crack, but other times we have such enjoyable conversation at the dinner table & my kids are so used to sitting down to eat as a family that if we don't sit down in a formal setting they think it's not really dinner. It's just something to eat & later on they'll be asking for dinner.


Clean up after dinner. Finish up chores I didn't get to during the day. Now, please don't think I have forgotten about the babies, but basically they just have to blend in to the schedule I keep. I put them in the carrier or sling if I have to during all of this just to keep it all flowing.


Help the kids get ready for bed.


Kids in bed. Breathe a huge sigh of relief because for the first time all day the house is actually calm. Now I can enjoy some time with my hubby or do something for myself.


Off to bed. To start again tomorrow.

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Chandi said...

I like what you said about chores and kids. I share the same belief. My kids have their chores and they do them because they are part of the family. I to have to go in after them to complete the job..........secretly like you. I figure if they know mom is going to go in and clean it up after they won't really put their best into it.

I'm also impressed you take a shower and get ready every day. i certainly don't.