Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Cottontail, Why didn’t you TELL ME?!?!?!

Here I am complaining to my friend Sybil that I cannot stand how stores put holiday stuff out soooooooooo way before the holiday is ever going to come, because then by the time I am ready to buy my stuff, all the good stuff is gone because people already bought it all 3 months before the holiday showed its face, so here I am stuck with all the crap. So, I'm taking down my Valentine's decorations this past week, wishing I had more St. Patrick's Day decorations but I don't, so the next holiday is Easter & I have some AWESOME Easter decorations, but it's WAY TOO EARLY to put up Easter I say to myself. BUT NO! To my great surprise, Easter is March 23rd this year! MARCH 23rd!! Are you kidding me? I thought Easter was always in April?!?!? Well, lo & behold, maybe this year we'll get more than just crap for Easter!! And yes, I will be putting up my Easter decorations right away!


Chandi said...

I thought the same thing last year, or was it the year before when Easter fell in March? Anyway, it through me for a loop. I think it should be in April every year, but it's one of those holidays that lands on the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the blue bird sings. Never can quite pin it down. One of these years I ought to start getting some decorations other than just fall and Christmas.

mom/caryn said...

I asked a rabbit that I knew
To lay an Easter egg for you.
The air was filled with chilly frost.
The rabbit said to me,"Get lost.
That egg routine is for the funnies.
Us rabbits just have little bunnies".
Well, the information spoiled MY day...
But, Happy Easter anyway.

I'm on Chandi's side here. What the heck is Easter doing hopping all over St Patti's holiday? It ain't right. But, it'll be more fun for you to shop for the good stuff.