Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Denise Austin is Pure Cheese and I LOVE Cheese.

This woman is, I don't even know how to describe it, but I know I LOVE her workout programs. I have used them several different times during my life & yet again I am looking to her for fitness miracles & she makes me believe I can achieve them. She is pure cheese, as cheesy as it gets, but I LOVE IT! I need it when it comes to working out. This morning I started my new daily schedule (see time schedule post) & working out is how I start the greater part of my day & this woman will say things during the workout that make me want to cry I am so proud of myself for taking this step toward greater health & greater fitness. You can't help but smile, so it may be cheesy, but I say...... BRING ON THE CHEESE!!

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GRodenberg said...

i love her too, but it drives me crazy that she is always off beat etc. I think I love her because she seems normal... not perfect, and a mom who has bigger thighs and butt, and smaller boobs, ya know?