Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Mark recently purchased a gun. When the gun salesman asked him what he wanted the gun for, he replied, "Range shooting, home protection if needed." Jokingly, Mark had said during our 72 hour kit list breakdown, that if we had our stuff together & the next Joe Schmo didn't, then we might want that gun to protect what's ours. At the time, it seemed kind of comical, standing over our little 72 hour kit with our MRE's, fire extinguisher, packets of ketchup & hand wipes with a gun to protect what others may not have prepared. But, then I realized that having a gun in our lives was a major step & I wasn't sure I was ready. There was the discussion, 'Maria, you need to learn to use it & care for it,' along with 'Maria, we need to decide whether or not to let the kids know we have one,' and 'Maria, I am a combat soldier, this is part of who I am.' All of these topics pierced a part of me I had not even thought about before. But, I will say this….if anyone was going to purchase a gun, keep it in our home & show me how to use it, I would want it to be my husband, who for over 7 years has been trained, re-trained & trained some more on how to use guns, clean guns, care for guns & BE SAFE WITH GUNS. And I trust him with my life, our lives. So, I listened, I learned & I shot the gun, but it didn't make it any easier to handle. Mark was understanding given the fact we have led very different lives when apart, but was glad I was willing to learn. So, here are a few photos just because I'm that crazy of a scrapper & will make a scrapbook page of all this.

These were Mark's shots, certainly not mine, hahah. I think I hit the target once out of like 6 shots.


Chandi said...

the one time I shot a gun with my brother the gun came back and slammed me in the eye.

I have to say. I am afraid of guns. I won't have one in my house. I'm not married to a combat soldier however.

Katie said...

That's freakin AWESOME!!! I haven't had the opportunity to shoot ours yet. I was really nervous at first and didn't want to touch it, even unloaded with the clip NOT in it. Silly, but I'm sure you understand. I've practices slipping the clip in, charging it, turning the safety on and off and firing (when empty). This has increased my confidence and I feel more at ease, but still want to fire it. We need a day when Ben is off work and the kids are in school so we can go to the range. We haven't told the kids yet either. Ben thinks that EVEN IF they MIRACULOUSLY got through all the safety precautions we've taken, the kids aren't strong enough to pull the top part back. Anyhow, congrats on the purchase and the shooting! ;-)

mom/caryn said...

Looking back at the lovely young lady who graced our home a few years back... I can tell you of all the things I thought she might become one day... a pistol packin mama was not one of them. But, good for you! I actually like to shoot... but, I like a 22 for shooting targets, not a hand gun for shooting people. Wayne has his concealed weapon permit. I think I'll leave the protection of hearth and home to him and I'll just practice making funnel cakes.