Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflections on another year passed.

I'm sure that we can all say it's been a year of ups & downs because that's part of living, right? You can't have sorrow without having joy and you can't feel love without feeling hate.  But, there are years that you can honestly say you feel you've had more than your fair share of one or the other.  Then again, who would say they had had more than their fair share of good, happiness or love?  Bottom line, in all the pain, sorrow, hate, etc., I have seen much joy and love and support and good in people and in myself.  I had to work through the bad to see all of that though, so is this past year of heartache and struggles worth it to know what I know now.  Absolutely.  

Am I looking forward to another year?  You bet!  Bring it on because I am only stronger than when 2008 started.  What do I hope for this year?  To remember all I overcame last year.  To continue to feel like I am a good mom and that I can do my best and that my best is good enough.  To continue to love and adore the man I married almost 11 years ago.  To continue to better and love myself for who I am now that I have gotten to know myself better.  To increase my relationship with Heavenly Father, to thank him for all he helped us with in 2008. To cherish every single moment I have with my kids before they are grown up and I am not the first thing in their lives anymore.  To take the good with the bad and still keep a smile on my face!!

My resolutions this year?  I usually try to keep them pretty simple.....ths year, I'm going to work on learning to live on less.  Learning to use more of what I have before I go out and buy another one.  Learning to give more without trying to gain from it.  It's a multi part resolution of course, but you get the idea.

What are your final reflections on the year now passed?  


Sybil said...

What an inspirational post. I'm thankful for you as my friend and have learned so much from you and hope you've learned things from me as well. Bring on the new year!

mom/caryn said...

I'm too old to keep on "resolving" to do things that I haven't found the wherewithal to have accomplished by this time. I've pretty well covered my reflections on my blog site.

I just want to spend the remainder of my days being everyone

The less life I have to live, the less I feel in a hurry to live it.

I love your reflections in this post, Maria. It's full of growth and wisdom and tenderness and so, so much love for your little family.

I firmly believe that 2009 is going to be a GREAT year! I also believe that your spirit is going to do some serious flying this year. I'm anxious to hear all about the events and insights as they occur.

Happy everything little one.