Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kitchen Challenge: DAY TWO

The fridge was my project for yesterday and I quickly realized this was even a job I could do SITTING DOWN!  Yea for that!  Running after two little ones all day doesn't let me sit down for too long, other than to do quick e-mails to my favorite e-mail buddies.  

I had cleaned out our fridge about 3 weeks ago, so it wasn't too bad on the dirty scale, but it did need some revamping in the organization department.  I just hate all the small stuff. It drives me crazy to have to dig through it to find something or to have things falling off the shelves while you move things around.  So, my goal was to change that.

Of course the babies are always there to help.  

I used a small basket for yogurt & fruit cups on the top shelf so they don't get lost in the mix.  I also used a leftover plastic container from cleaning out the plastics the day before that was great for fruit.  If you put it out where you can see it, it will get eaten faster & it can be one of the first things the kids see when they go searching for an after school snack.

I also moved the shelves so that the larger things were on the bottom & I had two rows above to be able to better see the miscellaneous stuff.  I like it much better. I also arranged the milk & eggs by expiration date so we would use the older ones first.

I'm a very pleased homemaker! Looking forward to today's task, which I have not decided on yet.  How are you doing on your tasks??
I should have taken a picture of the large drawer on the bottom. I used another small basket for sandwich items. We make a lot of sandwiches & I figured it would be nice to have a basket you could just pull out & you've got what you need; meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce - just grab the mustard & mayo & you're good & it also makes it easier to put it all away, the biggest problem about making sandwiches especially when you're between the ages of 5-9.


Amy Beth said...

Looks great! Dont you just love that feeling after you have accomplished something like this!?!

mom/caryn said...

Our projects? Were you inferring that we were supposed to do something to unclutter our homes and our lives as well? RATS! I sorta hadn't wanted to do that.

The fridge looks great! I really like the basket of sandwich makings idea. It makes a lot of sense. hmmmm... maybe I will wipe down the old fridge shelves.

I went through my bathroom drawers a week or so ago.... chucked some really ugly shades of lipstick and eye shadow I'd been hanging on to for a decade just in case I ever wanted to scare the home teachers when they came. I don't know why I hang on to old make-up! When I'm close to running out of the things I actually use, I buy more...
I have zero need for old dried out mascara tubes and extra, just in case, I might use it someday, foundation, lip gloss and blush.

Anyway, I digress. Good job on the kitchen, pumpkin!