Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kitchen Challenge Day One

Today I tackled the plastics cupboard as well as my baking cupboards.  It wasn't as hard as I had first thought & I feel great having gotten it done.  The babies of course had to help me separate it all.  


I used a container with no lid to keep my small bowls from being lost.  I love to use them to prep spices & sauces for dinner & to use for syrup and sauces for the kids dipping needs.  

Used a green Dora bowl I almost tossed to hold all the lids for bigger items I don't want lids on all the time. Mark says the spinning container contraption is one of my smartest purchases in 10 years! And I found these great yellow & red baskets I completely forgot I had.  They will be so fun for burgers & fries!  

And even better, I found things way in the back of the cupboards that I didn't even know I had!  The shortcake basket pan - HOW CUTE!  And if you know my love of organizing, you will know how much I LOVE the brown box!! Can't wait to find just the right use for it.

A spice organizer?? NO KIDDING!  

And WHAT are these???  I wouldn't even know what to do with them. Any help??

Needless to say, today's task was a success!  I even had a medium sized pile of stuff to give away & several things I tossed in the recycling!  


The Osborne's said...

nice progress! the metal things are to make your own taco salad shells- you put the tortilla in the larger one and press the smaller one on top and hold in the oil as it fry's to keep the shape

Chandi said...

Way to go! I actually did this same thing with my kitchen cupboards a couple of months ago. It felt grand to open the cupboards and not have heavy pots falling on my toes.

Sybil said...

yolk seperators?!? I have no idea. Looks like you did a great job organizing though. I was surprised you didn't show us your dish towels all wrapped up in bows like Martha Stewart would have done, haha. Just teasing you a little.

Amy Beth said...

My mom has one of those spinning container things and I want one so bad! They sure are nifty! Way to go organizing I need to do that to my entire house!

Betty Hancock said...

Maria...... Could the baskets in the bottom pic be used to create the taco salad bowls? They look like something that might be used for deep frying.