Friday, January 16, 2009

Medication Malfunction A.K.A. Kitchen Challenge: Day Three

Medication is not fool proof. Neither is re-organizing your kitchen.  I'm sorry I have not updated you more on the kitchen challenge.  My human nature got in the way & please let me assure you there is plenty more that needs to be tackled in my kitchen, so there is plenty more to update you on, when the meds kick in of course, hahahahaha.  

As you wait, let me know what room you'd like to tackle next.  I'm  bedroom???  definitely not the bathroom, hahahaha.  

To Be Continued...................

1 comment:

mom/caryn said...

i think I'd like to take on the Tea ROOM at the Plaza... and may I have an eclaire with that, please?
Oh heck... make that two.

I appreciate and am in awe of your enthusiasm for cleaning the clutter. My house is as organized as it's going to get for a while. Actually, it's really in pretty good shape. All tidy. Ask me again after a few months of bringing things in and not taking things out. That's a regular winter activity for me. My closets and drawers are always overcrowded and teetering on the brink of being "matter unorganized" in May.