Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

By now, many of you know I am a thrift store junky! It is so much fun shopping for treasures & great deals. These gold sandals that Isabelle fell in love with - a whole $1.40!!!

The lamp I needed badly for our desk in the office. This fits right in with our older decor from overseas. It was a mere $3.20 & works great!!

I collect pitchers and could not resist this mini one. The picture is not so great, sorry about that. But, I paid $1.80 for this baby.

The frame I am not a fan of, but the painting is really painted, not just a print & that is hard to find! And it's of a cello, one of Mark & I's favorite instruments! I have not decided where to hang it, I might repaint the frame first.

Tell me you had one of these as a kid! I just had to get it for the twins. It brought back such strong childhood memories for me & I snagged this vintage toy for a mere $5.40! Well worth it!


Sybil said...

Those are all so cute! I loved loved loved that picture. Is it a very large picture or small? I like cellos too. The sandals are just so cute on Izy and the picture looks like it will fit right in with your collection. I love the horse too. I don't think I've ever seen one like that but it is super cute! It all makes me miss the thrift store!

AmyBeth said...

How fun! What good finds!

mom/caryn said...

Well, I can down right guarantee you that your thrift shop is a darn sight better than the ones around here. And I check ours out constantly. Thrift shops and garage sales and consignment stores have pretty well clothed my family and decorated our homes our entire married life. I get some kind of wierd adrenaline rush when I come across a real find. This was a good excursion for you!!

Jean Tagliere said...

find me some good deals! Of course you have girls, so it's you know with boys its harder to find gently used stuff!