Friday, June 20, 2008

Simple gifts of love for Father's Day.

Although I was horrible about getting out Father's Day cards to all the special men in my life, I did put together something for the main man in my life, all be it quick and simple. I have been collecting formula cans waiting for a craft I knew would present itself for their use & I think this one turned out really cute & just think of the possibilities with all the craft supplies I have at hand?!?!?!?


Sybil said...

That is sure a cute idea! I'm sure Mark loved it too! How could he not with cookies inside!

mom/caryn said...

Cute! Cute! I just may have to copy that next time I have a reson to do something for my hubby. Oh yeah! That would be the 30th of this month when we celebrate being married for freakin ever!