Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I swear they're "IN" right now!

Bangs, that is. I tried to explain to my husband why I had chosen to increase the amount of bangs I have. I like them for one & two, they're in style right now. I may be over 30 & I may have several children, but it still doesn't keep me from at least attempting to look stylish. The conversation went like this (we're getting ready to leave the house to go run errands as a family - something I love, something he doesn't particularly care for. He says we look like Gypsies, hahahahahaha)

Me: "Hun, do I look okay?"

Mark: "Ask me later," with a silly smirk on his face. I know something is up.

Me: "What is it? My shirt, my shoes?" His face is still scrunched. I know if I hit the right thing, he'll give in. "My hair," getting warmer. "MY BANGS?!?!?"

Mark: "You're in 1994. What are your other options?"

Me: "Are you kidding me?" I've got my hair in a cute ponytail, bangs laid out natural & a little chunky, but I swear they're in style. Just look at this picture of Reese Witherspoon.
OKAY, I admit, I'm not Reese! But, her bangs look good & I was merely attempting to copy them in some form (see anniversary photo in prevoius 10 years post).

Still don't believe me? Check this link. http://www.stylelist.com/trends/hair-style-bangs He's lucky I'm not doing the blue eyeliner or watercolor dresses!!!!

So, I go into the bathroom. I wisp them to the side, make a little part & flatten them down some more.

Me: "There! That better?"

Mark: "You've hit 1998. It's better."

Whatever! If I like it, what do I care what he thinks? He still has to sleep with me every night, eat the meals I cook & say Yes Dear to stay out of trouble. I love that he tries to be honest. In 1998, I was 21 & feeling smokin' hot & on top of the world & totally in love. I may not be 21. I may not be smokin' hot & I'm not really on top of the world anymore, but I am still totally in love. I'll take 1998. Thanks babe.


Chandi said...

John will give me his honest opinion about the fashion styles I choose sometimes. Although I like him to like how I look sometimes I wish I wouldn't have asked him because I like what I'm wearing. On the other hand, sometimes he dresses me better than I dress myself.

mom/caryn said...

Wayne never says anything. I don't know if he's timid... polite... or just doesn't notice.

I love bangs. Worn them almost my entire life. Gonna have em laying in my casket. And I think you look great in them!!

The Osborne Family said...

They are totally in and they look good on you! I didn't get a chance to tell you- your solo on sunday was AWESOME!!! I think it's one of the best I've heard, you have a beautiful voice and I love that song. Wish I could sing!

Kittie said...

They are totally in! I wish that I could pull them off. All three of my little sisters have them. I've seen a lot of their friends with them too. Maybe you are just a trend setter for Kentucky! Everyone else just needs to catch up :)